Inspirational Quotes

That person who is trying to fix your flaws now will not love you entirely. They may fix something now but a few years down the line and something else pops up that they can’t fix, they wont be there for you………


Make sure you “Love You”


I’m always buying those shoes, its my therapy. find yours and do it


A lot rides on your worth….your knowledge of who you are. If you with someone who makes you question that then you are losing yourself


This is so true I’m crying


You are the only one really responsible for your happiness….go get that fairy tale life


Your worth is determined by a far greater force than that one random person in your life, and usually its that one random persons approval that we value out of all the other approvals put together….???? WHY


Focus on you first before you focus on the next person. You matter the most……


I keep hearing this and i’ve noticed it to be true in my own life. Dictate how the world sees and treats you. Its all in your hands


Strive to be more than just a pretty face


It saddens me to know that women bring each other down….so much competition for nothing. Channel that energy into something more worth while like empowering each other


If only you knew your capabilities and start putting them into practice. Shine girl, you can do it


In simple terms, how you see yourself is how people will see you too, so wear your confidence  hat always


One of my personal favorites


Always remember that life will throw bricks at you, its how you use those bricks that matters…..use them as the building blocks of your foundation.