Don’t let life bully you

This year I discovered more about life than all other years put together. After going through word press this past week, I discovered a large number of people who are suffering from depression or once did and I thought to myself how brave these people are to actually write about it. In my opinion that’s …


Cat Fight

I was at a woman’s event a few months month ago and I was really moved by what one of the speakers had to say about women and how they interact with each other. After listening to her I took time to observe people and it turns out we really do have issues within our …

When I turned 30

All I can say is “I wasn’t ready”. It’s now 3 months after my 30th birthday that I can actually talk about turning 30 and what I think it means me. I look at myself in the mirror and think I look the same, nothing different from the day I turned 21 which is a …

Have boundaries

Someone I know, who’s close to me and laughs with me every day told me her husband beat her up yesterday just because she confronted him about his recent cheating. That broke me because she is such a beautiful soul. People commend her for the fact that she’s always smiling. Why would he cheat on …


Phenominal read by Tembeaworld

Tembea world

Hello beautiful people,

I am writing about an african woman because her experiences are neglected or sugarcoated by our norms and societal standards.
Our African woman works tirelessly for the good of everyone in the society but herself.From a young age…she is ‘trained’ to serve the boys first,then later when they are comfortable..come serve herself food.We have trained the African woman to love herself last,take care of herself last and to never complain….shut her mouth always.Her experiences are always the ‘other.. less important experiences’….so the society does not have to listen in.

When she becomes a young woman,her ambitions must be kept in check….they should not be too high….men will be scared.She want to be an engineer….No girl take a female dominated course…so that boys are not scared of your achievements.
God forbid she gets pregnant before marriage…..’she is a loose woman…she has a child with no father….one thing we…

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Road blocks

I don’t know if it’s just me or many of you shared the same fear when you realized its half way through the year and your life still sucks. That new job or promotion hasn’t happened, you still in debt, your children are still crazy, your relationship is not looking promising, you can’t afford that …