‘My Worth’ is a page that is dedicated to appreciate and fully portray the capabilities of black women. Being a black woman myself, I was brought up in a setting where I came to acknowledge the challenges that we face and got inspired by how we manage to overcome these. This is the part where I give it up to the girls out there. The strong ones, those who never gave up even if it hurt them so much inside. To those who learned from the hurt and the pain, bettered themselves and moved on, and became stronger. They are not girls no more, they are women. They inspired me to write their stories, embrace their challenges and become a better person and better still, appreciate my worth.


Each story on this blog is meant and expected to change a life, give insight to real struggles found in society, inspire change and bring about a union among women, make them appreciate themselves for who they are. I believe women are beautiful, once we all realise this we can lead our lives differently, tolerate differently, conduct ourselves differently and expect differently. God said a woman is far worth than rubies and was made in His own image. What better reason to appreciate your worth.


2 Replies to “About”

  1. I can tell that I’m going to love your blog, and I’m thrilled that we’ve connected! I’ll make a point of visiting/viewing this weekend (I rarely read after work–for, as much as I’d love to, after writing client notes, my eyes are tired and my brain is ready for Netflix and early nights). Thanks for “following” me….I’m “following” you, too 🙂


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