Why women should be celebrated


The most admirable characteristic of a woman is her strength. We usually recognise and praise a woman for her beauty, be it her flawless skin, her thick mane or her perfect curves. All these are worth celebrating, but what tops it all, is her “dung beetle” strength.

The dung beetle metaphor is related to the common fact that it is the strongest animal on the planet….in relation to size. This is how I view women, a hidden strong force that many do not see. The things that females experience have been riddled with injustice, inequality and enormous abuse. Who they are and what they are capable of doing has been eroded by “normality”.

My mother is my first candidate of choice when it comes to choosing an ambassador of a woman’s strength. I watched her raise 4 children on her own from the ripe age of 38 after my father passed away. She showed courage, wisdom and determination to give us a perfect life despite the odds. Women all around the world, be it mothers, young girls, business women, whatever the case may be, have the same fire within them to protect what’s valuable to them. What makes their strength fascinating is that its infused with kindness, gentleness and a lot of nurturing.

But we find that the role of women and their strength, is often downplayed and does not emerge as strongly as it should. Despite the abusive and oppressive experience of women that dates back to the very first day earth was created, we find women fighting to be seen, heard and recognised. Men can not deny this obvious trait in women, they were raised by women and have been greatly influenced by many remarkable women. So why are we not celebrating them? Instead the world continues to oppress, abuse, ignore and subjugate women. These injustices must be rooted-out and discussed. All facets of women should be brought out and those who also have the strength narrative, should speak about the rocks that women are.

We’ve discussed strength and beauty, but these are not the only traits that define women and certainly not the only ones worth celebrating. Women are:


Women are dependable beings. You can depend on her, whatever the task is, rest assured that it will be done.


As the definition goes, concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with their own. Look at the way she runs her home, a woman will not eat unless her children are feed. A woman will ensure her family is comfortable first before she takes note of her own comfort. We need to celebrate that.


Women tick all the boxes when it comes to nurturing:

  • Take care of
  • Feed
  • Protect
  • Grow

Be it a child, a business, an animal or anything presented to her, she nurtures. It’s part of our being.

So again I ask the question, why are women not being celebrated as they should be. This world wouldn’t evolve the way it does if women weren’t in it. Women play a small but significant part in maintaining peace in this world. We add to the calmness. Sure, we have women’s day, one day of the year. The rest of the year women are oppressed at work, unequal pay for equal work. Women are raped everyday. Women are abused physically, emotionally and verbally everyday. We need to change these negative attacks on women into celebration and appreciation for the glue that keeps this world evolving.



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