Doing it Hard

Happy International Women’s Day to all the lovelies. I’m so glad to be posting this blog on Women’s day as I’m hoping it will motivate you. Remember You is Smart, You is Kind and You is Important.

There are two kinds of people in life, those that are born lucky and those that need to work extra hard to make things happen for themselves. I know exactly which one I fall under and I get really worked up about lethargic people and those who just ride the wave of life.

For us who put in hard work, it can get tiring when there are no results for our actions. One thing that I do know is that no effort will go unnoticed or unrewarded. It may not happen when you want it to but that shouldn’t warrant you to give up.


Giving up is not an option in life. Letting opportunities go and wallowing in your sorrows will not make things better. As women, we need to work extra hard for everything, make double the effort, be aggressive in our approach otherwise we will spend eternity in the shadows of men or on the back burner somewhere. Be ruthless in the game of life because reality is, life isn’t trying to be friendly towards you. Career decisions need to be made, marriage partners chosen, crazy family drama kept to the minimum, illness, world hunger…the list goes on. The only way to strive is by hard work and not giving up. Only way to strive is by doing life hard

Create a vision board


Put all your ideas and dreams on a board, no matter how big or ridiculous they sound

Set Goals

smart goal setting concept

“I want to start a business” one has been saying for 11years.

  • Have you written a business plan
  • Have you approached investors
  • What are you doing in your day to day life that will bring you one step closer to reaching your goal

“I want a rich boyfriend” another says

  • Have you started hanging out where rich folk hang out
  • Do you look the part
  • Do you sound the part

Take Action


This is the part where you work hard everyday. You have a dream, you have a vision. It’s impossible to put zero effort and then wake up one day and that dream has miraculously come true but yet many of us expect exactly that. No one is going to carry this burden for you.

You can never go wrong with an action plan. Money won’t be a barrier for someone who’s determined. Circumstances will not dictate their future. Work hard, keep at it, never give up, pray hard, all of it is in your hands. When you need a break take one. Breathe for a while then start again. One tiny piece at a time, one small step a day and the dream will come true.



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