Girls Trip Review

Last night I had the privilege to be part of the “Girls Trip” movie pre-screening. Besides fantastic freebies and great company, I loved the message this movie had to tell. I spend my days looking for ways to empower women and add to their knowledge but I think this movie did the job for me. Regina Hall spoke some great truth, “being alone is better than being disrespected”. She also points out that many women fear being alone. That’s really our greatest weakness. Trying to find yourself in another human being is extremely toxic. Find yourself first, get to know what you love and exercise your strength before you depend on someone else to do that for you.

For those who haven’t watched it I recommend you do so. Incorporate what Regina Hall does in the movie when she feels weak. She encourages herself by reminding herself that she is Beautiful, Powerful and Strong. The moment you believe in that truth, then a lot of life situations will change for you.

Stay beautiful.



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