When I turned 30

All I can say is “I wasn’t ready”. It’s now 3 months after my 30th birthday that I can actually talk about turning 30 and what I think it means me. I look at myself in the mirror and think I look the same, nothing different from the day I turned 21 which is a great thing but the big twist comes when I look at the decade between 21 and 30 but cannot find the amount of accomplishments I had set out to achieve.

In my head I thought by the age of 30, I would have a Masters Degree, be an executive in my industry, married to an Omari Hardwick lookalike, 2 kids, great retirement plan and living the dream. Well I’m sure by now you’ve guessed that I have not quiet gotten there yet. I’m more aware of my age because I haven’t achieved all those goals yet. But as days go by, I’m realising that I’m wiser, more organised and most of these things that I failed to achieve in a decade, are falling into place in this one year of being more mature.

omari-hardwick-lands-lead-on-starz-power-824-1 Omari Hardwick

I know some women feel the same when they reach 30. There are some who embrace the maturity and feel satisfied by life, but for those like me, I can only say lets use what we’ve learnt over the years to build our lives and make things right. Do not find yourself making the same juvenile errors you made in your 20s with your relationship choices, financial choices and career paths. Do not be hard on yourself though and do not compare your life with those around you. We all go through different processes and there’s different timing for everything.

I’m slowly moving out of that dark shadow of feeling under accomplished…..i’ve decide to be in touch with my inner child instead. When I turn 40, I want it to be a big “BAAAAMMM” so I have a whole decade to work that one out. For now let me pout away with my selfies whilst i’m still so young and pretty.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-28 at 2.44.34 PM

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