Have boundaries


Someone I know, who’s close to me and laughs with me every day told me her husband beat her up yesterday just because she confronted him about his recent cheating. That broke me because she is such a beautiful soul. People commend her for the fact that she’s always smiling. Why would he cheat on her and even more baffling is why would he beat her up for his mistakes.

The following paragraph was written by someone on facebook. I didn’t get her name but what she shared and the questions she asked made me proud to know that a certain percentage of women still maintain their worth.

“I don’t understand women that get cheated on and stay with the man because of marriage. Isn’t the basic goal of marriage is being loyal and being there for each other? I don’t know if I would be able to lie in the same bed with a man that cheats just so I can stay married. Maybe the reason some of you think all men cheat is because you enable them. When he cheats three times and you keep taking him back you think he will change? Anyway I also don’t get why such women end up thinking because they got cheated on then all men cheat. No. Not all men cheat. Most men choose to cheat because they know we will forgive. They know that we will say they all do it so why leave one to get cheated on by the next? I would rather change them every day than stay with a man that thinks its ok to cheat on me because I will take him back anyway. Those who pray and claim marriage is sacred and it should not just be thrown away, guess what? Even God himself allows divorce as the only good reason for divorce. Even abuse isn’t a good enough reason according to the bible, just INFIDELITY. He knows how much it can break a person so why continue to do that to yourself even when God understands if you leave. Is It because of society? Is it because you just cant bear to be alone? Are you that desperate for a title and a man? I really don’t get it but please, don’t lie to yourself that every single man out there will disrespect you and demean your relationship by cheating. There are not all like that even though many may be that way because we also tell ourselves that they are. Maybe we should teach our daughters that cheating is a choice and it’s not an intrinsic factor! Maybe if more women stood up against cheating then they might take their commitments seriously not this circus we have now. Let us not raise our daughters to think that it’s ok to get cheated on”

After reading this I thought amen Sister. A fewer amount of women cheat because they know if they do, their husbands would chase them away instantly. The opposite is true for men, they do as they please because they know you are not going anywhere. Change that mind-set ladies, always remember that you are the price and you are beautiful and amazing enough to get a good man. Have boundaries too and learn to know when enough is enough.

4 Replies to “Have boundaries”

  1. Good evening girl. Please allow me to differ on one important line of semantics. There should not be”enough physical and/or verbal abuse” that a woman must tolerate. There should be none at all. Period. My dear father always taught us that a man who hits a woman is a coward. Un baccione. Arrivederci!


    1. Hey there, thank you so much for that. I also agree, any kind of abuse is can not be tolerated. I encourage all to walk away from abuse and infidelity. Im just not so sure why the bible only accepts infidelity though, because personally i believe abuse is worse. Will have to do more research on that but thank you so much for your input

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      1. Good morning girl. I’m glad you liked it. Please feel free to put a comment on any of my blogs because I love your young and vibrant fight for women’s equality. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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