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Hello beautiful people,

I am writing about an african woman because her experiences are neglected or sugarcoated by our norms and societal standards.
Our African woman works tirelessly for the good of everyone in the society but herself.From a young age…she is ‘trained’ to serve the boys first,then later when they are comfortable..come serve herself food.We have trained the African woman to love herself last,take care of herself last and to never complain….shut her mouth always.Her experiences are always the ‘other.. less important experiences’….so the society does not have to listen in.

When she becomes a young woman,her ambitions must be kept in check….they should not be too high….men will be scared.She want to be an engineer….No girl take a female dominated course…so that boys are not scared of your achievements.
God forbid she gets pregnant before marriage…..’she is a loose woman…she has a child with no father….one thing we…

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