Not All Men or Not All “Man”

blogger-image-641727346Think about this topic for a second, just by changing a vowel, you have a completely different meaning, but both meanings today are very relevant for what I want to talk about. Women empowerment, feminism, educating the girl child….these are all topics that are being taken seriously and I take pride in my gender knowing that more and more women are becoming self-accomplished and self-sustained. But in this era of women embracing their identity and undertaking more, men are tending to “slack” for lack of a better word.

There is a larger quantity of households where women are breadwinners. This is not entirely a bad thing as long as the man is putting a certain amount of effort to help the woman. I’m going to relate most of this article to my home country Zimbabwe, where gender roles are very defined and almost followed to the T. A woman’s job is to clean, cook, raise the children, create a home and “entertain” her husband. A man’s job is to provide for the home, financially. What I’m seeing in 2017 is a huge shift in these roles. Feminists are somewhat begging for this shift, for equal opportunity for the woman. In their minds why can she not the one providing financially for the home, which is a great point and one that’s been taken seriously as shown by the growth of female bread winners. However my challenge is why are men not taking up other roles around the house when they slack in their own culturally mandated roles.

A few modernised men will change a diaper, be involved in kids school programmes, cook meals for the family etc. Why are they finding it difficult to step up in this area? Women are then left with the burden of handling their duties as well as the duties of men. Why are they slacking? I personally feel because women are strong, we have proven that we are capable of juggling a successful career and be a home maker at the same. When men see this, especially the lazy ones, they then tend to take a step back and watch her do it all. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Reference to my topic “Not all men” is relevant here. Not all men do this, but the percentage that does are painting a bad picture for the rest of the gender. This small percentage is causing me to question whether they are “Men” in the true sense of the word. A man will look after his family at all cost. A True man will provide for his family at all cost. A true man will not slack at his duties because of his accomplished female partner.

For those who have partners that are hands on with building a home with you, I encourage you to be grateful. A partner who works just as hard and appreciates your efforts is really rare and it saddens me how far we women have come and now we are left with a tremendous amount of responsibilities.

5 Replies to “Not All Men or Not All “Man””

  1. Unless women start to speak out about the inequality in their own homes nothing will change. Men still expect women to do all the domestic duties and caring giving, we have a long way to go in readdressing this imbalance. My heart bleeds for my daughter, who works two part-time jobs and looks after 3 children – school run, after school activities, while her husband goes to work and returns without the worry and stress of looking after 3 kids. The responsibility in my view should be 50/50 nothing more and nothing less. We need men to step up, not sit back and women to speak up and push for change. Great post.

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    1. Thank you so much for comment. Your daughter is super woman as far as i’m concerned. Its going to take a while for us to see a shift in these role plays, 50/50 seems so far fetched and yet that’s how the world should be……


  2. Good afternoon my dearest. “My Worth” and thanks for following my blog. I feel honored that such an enlightened and forceful young lady cares to read my writings. You have to keep speaking up clear and loud because there’s stiil too much discrimination against women in general and minorities in particular. Please read my blog “The single Mom” in the “Emotional frustation” series ; if you care, please leave a comment at the end of it. Your email will not show up in my page. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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    1. hey lovely one. Will definitely read your blog about single moms. I also wrote two articles about single moms. The only way forward to keep righting, re-bloging each other and hope we touch as many lives as possible

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