Road blocks

I don’t know if it’s just me or many of you shared the same fear when you realized its half way through the year and your life still sucks. That new job or promotion hasn’t happened, you still in debt, your children are still crazy, your relationship is not looking promising, you can’t afford that holiday and nothing is adding up really.

For me it’s many of the things above but one thing really stands out …..“Road blocks”. I feel there’s too many of those in life. This has led me to being distracted or discouraged, which also led to procrastination and disappointment in myself. But no matter what happened over the last few months, it’s now time to get back to being who you really are – a woman who is focused and walking in her purpose every single day.

Its June, I’m tired and defeated really. I was chatting to a few girlfriends and I came to the realisation that many of us have the same sense of tiredness. I think its ok to be tired, its ok to feel overwhelmed by challenges and road blocks life throws at you. Sometimes all you need is a break from all the trying and planning. Take a few weeks out to gain your energy back and then start at it again. Just because that thing hasn’t happened for you doesn’t mean you need to give up on the goal.

So this was just a small mid-year encouragement. You not alone in this journey of life, and even those who look like they have all their ducks in a row are also facing road blocks like you. The secret is to never give up….take a few breaks in between but never give up.

One woman who really inspires me in life is Rosetta Thurman, she is the founder of Happy Black woman a global personal development company dedicated to educating and inspiring black women to create their ideal lives. She recently held a Workshop on  “Life Mapping” and touched on the following points:

  • The REAL reason why it’s so important to achieve your big goals (hint: it’s probably not what you think!)
  • How to identify the most negative (and often, inherited) LIMITING BELIEFS that may be holding you back from living the life you really want (and how to eliminate them)
  • The easiest way to get UNSTUCK (this exercise will force you to figure out where you are NOW vs. where you want to BE)
  • How to “map out” your ideal life in 7 specific areas so that you can manifest the vision you have been given for your life
  • What to do when your FAMILY & FRIENDS don’t support you – and even discourage you from pursuing your dreams

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