Who I am


(Photo By Laurin Rinder)

Today may not seem so bright and beautiful, Today I may not be smiling nor be in my best form, but deep within the hurt, I have belief that victory is on its way. I look at my children and the nurturer in me kicks in. The survivor in me takes over. God built me with an unmatched strength, an idiosyncratic need to carry on, pick up pieces and start all over again. I am a woman, an African Woman, proud of my heritage and possess the spirit of a warrior. I endure it all and still stand up tall. I walk upright, with purpose and with dignity because I make the toughest decision and still make it out alive.

Do not let my gentle features fool you, my turn-away smile is not a sign of weakness, it’s just a reflection of who I genuinely am. Frail hands and cracked lips do not out shadow my backbone made of steel. Many have tried to break me, they abused me emotionally, physically and mentally but here I am today, still resilient in my struggle, resolute in my endeavours. I bend but do not break. I am what I am because I have God in my blood.

I dream of the day that I rise up, the day that the earth shakes, the day that I no longer hurt and all the pain is nothing but a distant memory. The day my enemies realise who I am because of whom I serve. I see that day with eager eyes, staring anxiously from under my doek, pre-empting my day of conquest like no other. That day when euphoria defines me and I look back on my journey of strength to just marvel at my reality.

It may not seem so now, when things are dark and gloomy……rainy days, stormy days, trying times, but again I say, deep within the hurt I have belief that victory is on its way

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