Writers Comment

What draws me to my first story about Happy Petrishko “Love Yourself First”, is not the contents of the story, my focus is not on the nature or depth of the struggles and circumstances she found herself in but by the person she is today. During our conversation she asked me to look closely at her face that had no make up, her hair that was short and natural, her tummy that had nurtured two children and she said to me, with all this simplicity, I know who I am and I expect nothing less than what I deserve now.

Unfortunately most of us are driven by looks and accomplishments. We use this to determine who we are. Society itself promotes this lie. When we look at cultural acts such as lobola, which puts monetary value on woman based on a number of categories but mainly highlighting looks and accomplishments.

Validation doesn’t come from any of the specifics mentioned above, it comes from a more superior being who equalizes individuals based on nothing but your pure existence. Im picking on black women because am amongst this group and I see the lack 0f self love, self respect. The moment we recognise this and shift our thinking, society and shameful norms will start to fade. Black Woman know your worth

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